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Class identities and Class Niches

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

An interesting aspect of changing class structures in late-modernity is the various ways different strata seek to carve out class identities and niches – with the middle-classes in particular seeking to distance themselves from their “social inferiors” in a range of novel ways:

  • from “moral disgust” (the working class as “disgusted subjects”)
  • to well-developed “taste cultures” (distinctions based on highly subjective, ill-defined, criteria used create arbitrary social distinctions).
  • Recent media hand-wringing about “snobbery” is an interesting dimension to this debate.

    Differential Educational Achievement

    Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

    One aspect of the debate surrounding explanations for differences in achievement is the idea of material deprivation – and while this has, in recent times, fallen out-of-favour (particularly with politicians and media organisations, a new report from the Children’s Commission gives a new impetus to the idea that poverty remains a hugely-significant factor in any understanding of achievement differences.

    You can download:

    1. The full report
    2. An executive summary covering the main findings
    3. Guardian article