About Sctv

ShortCutstv was started by Steve Taylor and Chris Livesey in 2010 with the primary - and continuing - aim to make social science films for schools, colleges, students and teachers.

We had both previously been involved with Online Classroom - Steve as co-founder, Chris as contributor - and ShortCutstv was created to specifically focus on the production of sociology and psychology films, originally on DVD but increasingly On-Demand as we've moved into global markets.

Steve has a strong academic background in both sociology and psychology. He has lectured extensively at the LSE and University of London, undertaken sociological research, authored numerous books and presented extensively at Conferences and through his film work.

Chris has a background in FE teaching, computing and A-level writing (for all the major UK Exam Boards). He created and still runs the Sociology Central website (www.sociology.org.uk).

Business Address:
2 Grange Road
LE10 2JR

Company Registration No: 07485185
If you need to contact us, please use one of the following:

• General enquires: please use the site Contact form

• Personal enquires: 

chris livesey - cjlivesey@shortcutstv.com
steve taylor - steve@shortcutstv.com
Telephone Enquires: 01202 268832